6 Reasons the Exterior of Your House Needs Painting

The outside of your home is the first thing that guests and new potential buyers will see.

It’s also, the first thing you and other family members see every day as you come and go.

One of the big things that weathers paint on the exterior of a house in Arizona is…

…you guessed it, the intense sun and heat in our desert conditions.

A new paint job is like applying a thin, weatherproof against the elements including the sun but also, those times we get inclement weather.


Fading Paint

1.) How faded has the outside become especially the sides that receive the most sun every day?

Paint fades on the outsides of homes in every part of the country but not like it does in the American Southwest like Arizona.

Light colors do not fad nearly as much or fast as dark colors, nor do they absorb the heat like dark paint.

Professional Painting is in Our Blood

Peeling Paint

2.) Not only does peeling paint look unsightly, but it is also a telltale sign that there is a problem, especially with the wood.

Pressure washing and scraping is the first thing to be done with peeling paint. When the house is clean of all loose paint, we can proceed with applying painting after we have calked and have done the rest of the prep work. 

We use an airless sprayer on most of our exteriors, but in severe cases of peeling and weather, we do a technique called bankrolling

Backrolling is when one painter sprays and another painter immediately follows with a wet roller.

This helps the paint to penetrate much deeper into the wood or brick. 

This is an important step in conditions where the wood and brick have weathered badly over time.


Check if there is peeling taking place on the patio and entry ceiling. 

If there is, then the paint will need to be scraped off and then a flat primer should be painted on it before new tape and drywall mud is applied. 

That is a big reason that those ceilings are having a problem now because the original drywall texture people did not put a primer before mudding. 

Drywall is very slick and mud does not penetrate like it does when a primer paint has been laid down first. 


Weathered Calk

3.) Sometimes calk will change color over time and cracks will appear. 

Many times, calk will disappear completely between joints or become very hard and lose its elasticity and sealing ability.

That’s a BIG sign your home needs a new paint job.

Professional Painting is in Our Blood

 Rotting Wood

4.) When your painter comes to view the house the first time, he should be able to point out trouble areas that will need more attention. 

Looking for water damage.

The facia along the top where it meets the roof, is a point to look at carefully, as well as the wood down low, where it connects to the ground or cement. 

Many times, we can replace small wood sections or Use Bondo Wood Filler in smaller holes but when it comes to more severe or larger problems, we recommend a building contractor come in.

We can then use paint primer on the new, raw wood, before applying the finished coats.


Selling Your Home

5.) You want your house to look the best it can look. First impressions are a big deal and will stay with potential buyers the whole time they are looking at the house.

One word of caution. 

Pick out colors that a more neutral because your tastes may turn off a future owner. 


Changing Colors

6.) Paint colors become dated and outdated. Depending on the architecture, you can follow the contours with different accent colors. 

Accent color selection can make or break a paint job so be careful and have the painter get samples and apply them to the house before proceeding.

Have another pair of eyes or two to give you their opinion.


I hope these 6 signs to look for, helps you in your decision on having the outside of your home painted.

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6 Reasons the Exterior of Your House Needs Painting

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Originally posted 2020-10-18 15:29:33.