Care Window Screens Painting Exterior House

Window Screens are forgotten objects when painting the outside of a house but should be considered as part of the painting job for the professional painter and owner alike.

We have painted homes that really look great with a new coat of paint but now the old faded screens stick out like a sore thumb.

They did not show up so badly because the rest of the house had old paint that was faded, so they were not so noticeable but now that the house is done, they do stick out.

This worn out faded look will show up on the sides of the house that receives the most sun throughout the year.

Professional Painting is in Our Blood

You can do one of two things depending on their condition.


Spray Paint

1.) If they are just weather-worn and faded, we can take them down, wash them, and then spray Rust-oleum with a color that matches the original paint or, just spray them black. This is a more cost-effective way and will look very good and bring the life back in to them. We can also spray the frame at the same time.


2.) Have us take them down, and then you can take them over to whatever hardware store like Ace, Home Depot, or Lowes that will replace the screen on the frame while we are painting the rest of the house and then we can put them back up when we are done painting. One word of warning, the frame itself might need some paint also, depending on how weather-worn they have become.

You can also try and replace the screen yourself, but it is a process that is much tougher than it looks, and this is something we do not do.

In either case, extra care should be used when handling the screens because they are somewhat fragile.

When we wash the screen, we use a detergent that will not be so rough on them along with using a soft sponge to wash them down with. 

Screens on the left before spray painting with Rust-oeum and the screen on the right after. Big difference! 

We then rinse with a soft setting on a special water spray nozzle, hooked up to your hose.  

The work is usually done on the driveway and then we let them air dry up against a wall in the garage or an exterior wall far away from the rest of the work being done.

We do this work of cleaning the screens when we are prepping out the house a day or two before we do the actual spraying. 

The screens now look new with this work being done on them, and then we fit them back on the windows.

They look so good it’s as if they were painted as an accent color.

That is how much they will now stand out.


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Care Window Screens Painting Exterior House

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Originally posted 2020-10-27 20:44:20.

Care Window Screens Painting Exterior House
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Care Window Screens Painting Exterior House
Forgotten objects when painting the outside of a house. Clean your screens and then spray paint them black with Rust-oleum to make them look new.
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