Matching Colors for Painting has Never Been Easier



Matching colors for professional painting jobs has always been something of a challenge. Painters would bring out a color fandex or color wheel and show small samples to our customers to make a selection from.

Then we would have a small quart can mixed by our favorite paint company, bring it back to the job site and apply a sample on walls, doors, trim or anything we were hired to paint.

Sometimes we would have more than one sample made so we and the customer could see what the paint looked like on different exteriors of the job or what they looked like on the interior depending on the light conditions.

It was much harder for us to match existing colors that the customer was happy with but just wanted a new paint application on the interior and exterior of their home or business, especially if they had no idea where the paint came from in the first place.

We would need a sample of the old paint to take to the paint company so they could try and color match and hope the color was close. Sometimes it was a lengthy process to get it right.

Color Reader to the rescue

Professional painters now have a new tool to shorten the color selection process — a tool that will deliver accurate color matching and coordinating features that allow our customers to simply save, share, or order the colors in the palettes faster than ever before.

This tool will provide our customers with the functionality they need and will output color values that will match thousands of colors already stored by our paint company.

You simply position the Color Reader in your hand and then place it on the wall or color samples and it hooks up to the app on your cell phone. The device gives us values in CIELAB, RGB, CYMK, HEX and delta*e for added help. The Color Reader has a high degree of accuracy and goes a long way toward getting the right match.

This modern technology has been a big help in this area. We use this device on our day-to-day painting jobs to take the guesswork and stress out of color matching.

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Matching Colors for Painting has Never Been Easier

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Originally posted 2020-09-23 22:20:02.