Professional Painting is in Our Blood

My dad started painting houses part-time in the 1980s on weekends. It soon escalated to a full-time business and he quit his full-time job to concentrate on its growth. Word-of-mouth spread about the professional job that he did painting people’s houses for a reasonable price.

One of the main satisfactions for him was that he was able to make a beautiful difference in people’s homes in a relatively short period of time. A fresh coat of paint has a way of doing that.

When he painted the exterior of a house many people would stop by on the street and comment on our progress and how remarkable the new colors made it look. They still do!

Many times…

…the outside of the home looked like a Christmas package ready to be opened because of all the care we put into the prep work.

The house would have to be scraped down, power washed, masking paper and tape put on all the windows, and plastic to cover important fixtures and plants in the yard.

Professional Painting is in Our Blood

The three sons that make SRB Painting go! Jason, Shaun and Erik.

John, my dad, took great care to make sure everything was ready before he started the sprayer.

The interior of a house had more intimate issues for the people who hired him because this is where they lived within the walls of their castle. He always made sure to discuss the plans of what was to be painted and how long it would take so there would be minimal disruption in their lives.

We still do this!

Color selection was time-consuming, but very important. He wanted clients to be happy not only with how he applied the paint but also with the color they would be living with.

John always made sure to paint small samples, especially if it was a color and not white. Sometimes he also needed to paint samples of a couple different colors so people could see what they looked like next to each other. This is still a very important part of what I do today.

As his painting business grew, so did the family.

My mother and father raised 3 of us boys. In our early years he would bring us on painting jobs on weekends so we could learn what it was like to work and have our own money.

He instilled into each of us what it was like to start and complete a job from beginning to end with a great sense of accomplishment.

Over the years my brothers and I grew and became accomplished professional painters working alongside our dad. He taught us how to work with a variety of paints, from primer to finished coats.

We gained the skills beyond just brushing, rolling, and spraying of paint that make a truly professional painter.

Professional Painting is in Our Blood

A drone photo of the three hard at work painting the exterior of a house.

The three of us boys also learned to work as a team with him, a skill necessary to accomplish the work in a timely fashion, especially on large homes or large commercial jobs.

Over the years we trained many young people how to paint so they would become a valuable asset to our business as well as to themselves.

I have now taken over and started my own professional painting business called SRB Painting with my two brothers working alongside me, as well as a few other individuals whom we trust to do the work the Tarr way.

What do I mean by “The Tarr Way?”

Honesty, integrity and professionalism are the core principles that have guided our painting business since the beginning and it will continue to be our guiding principles moving forward.

We work and conduct ourselves in the professional manner that I would want from someone whom I hire to work on my own home or business, creating the trust that is essential between customer and contractor. 

Professional Painting is in Our Blood

My dad is still part of my painting business, but in a different capacity than when I worked for him.

He now answers the phone or emails, set up appointments, work on estimates, and directs the marketing efforts, whether through our website, social media, or advertising for SRB Painting.

So, you see, professional painting really is in our blood when it comes to our family and business.

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Professional Painting is in Our Blood

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