Residential Painters Are The Jack of All Trades

AZ SRB Painting is a jack of all trades.

When people contact us to paint the exterior or interior of their homes, they do not realize all the different types of repair that we can do before laying down a drop of paint.

When we show up to inspect the house for the Free estimate, we inform the prospective client what may need to be done in the way of repair and if it is something we can do or if an outside contractor may be needed

Professional Painting is in Our Blood

The Interior


1.) Do we have to repair any drywall problems in the way of holes or water damage? If they are holes, we fill them. If they are much larger, we use a technique called Hot Patching.

If the holes are too big for a hot patch, we can remove whole drywall sections and replace them. 

2.) We can spray knockdown, or skip trowel new texture with a pressure tank and hopper to match the surrounding texture. 

3.) Replace some sections of the floor and door trim.

4.) Wash down dirty sections of walls, doors, and cabinets with TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) to clean the dirt, oil, or shine off slick surfaces. If they are garage floors, we have to wash the oil dropping from a car.

5.) Sometimes, people, have us replace light fixtures, fans, new door, and cabinet handles.

6.) Move furniture from one room to another. 

7.) Remove wallpaper and repair the wall after stripping depending on how hard it was to take off.

Professional Painting is in Our Blood

Rotted fascia in need of repair. We will replace a section that water damage has destroyed.

Professional Painting is in Our Blood
Professional Painting is in Our Blood

The Exterior  


1.) Will we have to scrape down all loose paint around the house on wood and bricks?

2.) What condition are the Entry and Patio ceilings?

Will we have to scrape down all loose paint, and drywall tape? Many times, if the drywall is bad enough, or in case of water damage, we have to replace sections with new drywall before laying down new drywall tape, mud and texture.  

We always apply a coat of primer before putting new drywall tape and mud on old and new drywall. Drywall is very slick and does not matter if it is old or new, and this is why so many outdoor ceilings peel so bad in Arizona because no one bothered to prime them before texturing. 

A thin coat of latex paint will give the drywall mud a tooth to hang on to. We then spray, knockdown, or skip trowel new texture with a pressure tank and hopper. 

4.) Wash down dirty and oily sections of walls and sand before hosing the house down.

5.) Calk around seams and fill holes in brick and wood. 

6.) Replace small sections of fascia trim and other wood panels that are not too big a job to do. If they are, we then recommend a building contractor to replace those sections. We can talk to you in detail when we come and inspect the house to give you an estimate.


So, you can see we do many other things besides just painting. 

Many homes need some minor repair that we can provide as part of our normal painting business but sometimes it better to have a building contractor involved in the repairs.

We can act as the middleman between you and this contractor to only have fixed and replaced only what is needed.



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Residential Painters Are a Jack of All Trades

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