Stable Platforms When Painting Up High

Being on a stable platform when the painter is working on higher elevations is very important. Many times, we have to reach out and extend ourselves right to the limit of our capability, so we do not want to have to worry about our safety.

At AZ SRB Painting, we use heavy duty step ladders in the 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16-foot range as well as sliding ladders that go from the 18 to 36-foot range.

We even use scaffolding when we have to work high for prolonged periods of time, so we are stable even when two men are working on it at the same time.

We also rent lifts when necessary for very high locations. Two men can work simultaneously on those platforms as well. 

At AZ SRS Painting, we purchase step ladders as well as sliding ladders that have outside supports made of heavy-duty fiberglass.

These ladders cost more than twice as much and are far heavier, but they are very stable and if for some reason the ladder touches an electric current, the person standing on it will not be electrocuted like they would if the ladder was made of all metal.

Professional Painting is in Our Blood

On sliding ladders that are reaching great heights, fully extended, …

… we have what we call a spotter down below holding onto the base to keep it from shifting when the painter is working high.

That person can also move the ladder to a different position so the painter himself does not have to put all his equipment down, move this very heavy support to a new position, pick up his equipment, and climb up to resume his work.

The safety of our painters is number one priority, but we would not want to have an accident at one of our customers’ locations.

Our licensing and bonding help to protect us and our customer financially, but we do not want to rely on that when an accident could have been avoided.

Our painting company is all about working as a team when it comes to completing a project in a safe timely fashion with all our painters.

When some situations present more danger or hazard, we pay special attention for the sake of all concerned.



We use United Rentals for renting scaffolding – lifts and also A to Z Rentals 

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Stable Platforms When Painting Up High

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Originally posted 2020-10-15 14:01:28.